IMS Ibiza 2015 — Weekly Highlights

In review – Ten things we learned from IMS Ibiza 2015:

The global electronic music industry is flourishing and has been valued at $6.9 Billion

The South African market is going through huge growth with 50,000 people attending last year’s Ultra South Africa

Revenue from brand partnerships is probably the second most important thing behind touring for an artist

It is clear the war on drugs isn’t working and we need to move away from criminalisation and towards education and support

Billing politics are ultimately a waste of everyone’s time

Soundcloud has surpassed 100 million track uploads

The New Breed panel featured more women than men for the first time in IMS history

Media partnerships with curated content is a more authentic way to communicate with Millennials through social media

92% of delegates are not interested in Jay Z backed streaming platform Tidal

San Antonio provides an entry point to Ibiza for those who can’t afford the major clubs every night