afro tina (dj)

afro tina (dj)

DJ TINA is The Hottest International Female DJ, producer, model, dancer. The entertainer, who burns up the dance floors all over the world. Miss Streetracing Intercontinental 2007
Miss Sobieski 2009
Miss Universal
The most Beautiful Mulatto of Ukraine (2012)
PLAYMATE GIRL of the man’s magazine XXL
The dancer at Factory of stars-2,3
Model of brands ETNODIM, PACO RABANNE, Savorona, ViGiO, Potlova, VK Dekoration, Garden Collection,
magazines FRIDAY, FRESH TOWN,CITY magazines (Russia), ХХL, СOCKTAIL ,BRIDE, Exclusive (Russia)
Played a DJ set from the North to the South Caucasus, Dubai, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Ukraine. Kazakstan and many more
It will raise you and your mood in a few seconds! Only she would lead you to the country of drive and endless positive!
She — it’s the music of the heart, music sexual gestures and scrip which reduces the rhythm!
Only she knows a lot about the music you love is YOU! This babe is living your music !!!!
So, dancer and model of the highest level, which captivated millions of men’s hearts, opens its just for you!
Hey, is already in love?
— Of course, as you can resist such beauty and body movements?
Come and experience the world of beauty and drive